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Venturing into Traditional Chinese Medicine

I always thought Western Medicine is the way to go. I believed that we can cut out tumors and make cancer disappear. I thought we can cure people with pharmaceuticals or surgeries. However, my belief was challenged when I noticed the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries  are sometimes much much more severe than the original problem. I started to doubt whether being a medical doctor is truly what I wanted to do.

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The Reality of Making Money Blogging

Making money blogging is something that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. With the rise of various blogging sites like Tumblr, tons of people jumped onto this money making train in hopes to one day be like one of those people who make 6 figures blogging. Now before you jump on the train yourself, there are few things that you should know.
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Choosing the Right WordPress Themes

One of the things that many new website owners spend a lot of time on is choosing a WordPress theme for their site. Since there are thousands of themes available, it can be tough deciding on which one to choose. The following are a couple of tips for those looking to actually make some money with their site and not just using it as a personal blog about quotes and cats and what you had for lunch.
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My MCAT Reflection

Dear Readers,

For those of you who are hesitating and still planning to take your MCAT, let me say one thing: JUST DO IT!

I haven’t been able to add any sciency postings mostly due to the fact that I was slaving and studying for the MCATs early mornings and late at night, then work in between. It’s pretty tough (the schedule) but I definitely think that the MCAT is doable (as in, you can do really well!)

Let me give you a little history of my quest for taking the MCAT.

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Released WP Greet Box 6.3.0

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WP Greet Box version 6.3.0 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of WP Greet Box has the following enhancements.

  1. Allow javascript to be embedded into greeting messages.

This means that you will now be able to do fun things like add the +1 button into your greeting message or add the Like button into your greeting message. For example:

Here are some addition notable point release changes for version 1.1.x:
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Tips to PCR-ing

All right, it is likely that you may need to repeat the same PCR reaction about oh I don’t know how many times before you can get enough of what you want. I have been told, but was resilient to admit that contamination can and WILL occur if you don’t take precautions. Read on…

WordPress 3.1.4 is Out With Security Fixes (Go Upgrade Now)

Gotta tip our hats to the WordPress team for keeping us safe and sound.

This release fixes an issue that could allow a malicious Editor-level user to gain further access to the site. Thanks K. Gudinavicius of SEC Consult for bringing this to our attention. Version 3.1.4 also incorporates several other security fixes and hardening measures thanks to the work of WordPress developers Alexander Concha and Jon Cave of our security team. Consult the change log for more details. [Source]

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Amazon Will Officially Terminate Affiliate Contract as Soon as Nexus Tax Passes

What is the Nexus Tax?

If you haven’t heard of this Nexus Tax, in short, the new tax bill will allow your state to tax earnings from internet affiliate sales. This is causing outrage because it is causing affiliate networks to terminate affiliate contracts for all affiliate marketers that are living within that state. This means that all internet affiliate earnings can possibly disappear if these affiliate networks move out of the state.

Which States Have Been Affected

  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Rhode Island
  • Colorado

Who’s Next?

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PCR-Polymerase Chain Reaction


What is it?

PCR stands for Polymerase chain reaction. It is used for various reasons but it’s main purpose as the name suggests is to amplify DNA. How it can be applied in science is countless. The DNA sample will amplify exponentially based upon the Read on…

Released WP Minify 1.1

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WP Minify version 1.1 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of WP Minify has the following enhancements.

  1. Fixed “Class ‘WPMinifyCommon’ not found” errors that some are seeing.
  2. Added pretty URL for minified files so now you can stick it on a CDN.
  3. Organized options page.

Here are some addition notable point release changes for version 1.1.x:
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