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Who is behind OMNINOGGIN?

My name is Thaya Kareeson. I am a full-time software engineer with a strong passion for web technology. I was exposed to blogging in the early internet days, but did not fully grasp the potential of this new medium until late 2007. Since then I have been utilizing this medium to share my knowledge in the areas of software engineering, blogging, WordPress, web design, and web development on this blog.


The word omninoggin can be broken up into two sensible chunks:

1. om·ni (om’ni) : all
2. nog·gin (nog’in) : Informal. a person’s head.

I named this blog OMNINOGGIN because I want to focus on utilizing the “collective brain” (community) to find elegant solutions to many challenges of a blogger. Every post on this blog is open for constructive criticism. Solutions are updated to be more elegant as constructive criticisms come along. Participation in this blog community will result in more elegant solutions and a bigger/smarter collective brain. That is why discussion and constructive criticism is encouraged! I check my comments and emails many times a day, please feel free to comment on my posts or email me directly.

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I do work hard on this blog and on projects that I share for free. If my work has helped you in any way, I would really appreciate it if you donate a cup of coffee or two to help keep me amp’d up in caffeine so that I can produce more quality content. (need more reasons to donate?)

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