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SezWho is Now JS-Kit (What now?)

SezWho logoEarlier this month, SezWho announced that they have been acquired by JS-Kit.  I have previously written a post praising SezWho for the great work that they’ve been doing.  I must admit that since then SezWho has been dropping the ball on development, allowing other competitors like Disqus and Intense Debate to shine.  Nevertheless, I am quite sad to see them get devoured and rebranded into JS-Kit because they had such great potential.

What to do now?

Before JS-Kit supplied a clear upgrade path from SezWho, I’ve experimented with Disqus and Intense Debate.  They both have comparable features, but here are a few different things that make me prefer each service over the other:


Disqus comment system is definitely the faster of the two systems.  I’m not sure if the reason is code optimization or just pure bandwidth, but it definitely felt faster than Intense Debate.  Another thing I like about Disqus is that I never saw any orphaned  comments (i.e. a comment that shows up in my WordPress admin, but doesn’t show up in the Disqus framework).

Intense Debate

Though performance is not as good as Disqus and I occasionally find orphaned comments, I still like Intense Debate for the extra bells and whistles it has.

  • Community friendly profile pages
  • Many comment thread display options
  • Server side Akismet and proprietary Intense Debate spam filter
  • Profanity filter
  • More widgets
  • Support for Intense Debate plugins

What did I choose?

As you can tell, I have chosen Intense Debate as my choice, but I am not completely happy with it yet.  I feel that Intense Debate has more potential to grow especially since they are now part of  Automattic.  I will be satisfied as soon as they work out the performance and synchronization kinks and ship it with the standard WordPress installation.

What should you choose?

That really depends on what you need.  If you don’t mind dealing with the occasional orphaned comment and decent performance then go with Intense Debate.  If you absolutely have to have those things then go for Disqus.

6 Responses to “SezWho is Now JS-Kit (What now?)”

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  1. redwall_hp

    I like IntenseDebate, except for the orphaned comments. They're working on fixing the problem at the moment, supposedly, so hopefully things will improve there. There have been days when the service has been a little slow, but overall it's been okay for me in that aspect.

  2. Ty Bone

    How often do you get these orphaned comments? I seem to get about 1 in every 30 or so comments. I still cannot figure out why it is doing that!

  3. Chris

    Hi Ty,

    Thanks for spreading the word about the change of services at SezWho.

    We are not devouring them though, we are just trying to rescue the user base and provide them an upgrade path so that they don't get stuck when the system turns off.

    I'm curious what you think about JS-Kit as it compares to the others in your review 🙂

    Chris – JS-Kit Team

  4. Ty Bone

    Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully I can get the chance to try out JS-Kit and give you guys a fair review amongst the other two. I will keep you in the loop Chris!

  5. Instantactivation

    just realized that the code I put in the last comment didnt show up properly. I forget what to type so that code displays properly in comments,

  6. kazancexpert

    Can I use Minify and Intense Debate both in my site without issue?

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