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Weekend Links #3

Weekend Links for the week ending on 07-25-08

  • Enhanced Sidebars with Dynamic Content: Visitors tend to ignore the sidebar because most of sidebar content do not change. I’ve been experimenting with this myself and I was planning to write a similar post but Vandelay Design says it better (for now at least).
  • WordPress Tips + Things You Can Do After Installing WordPress: It is more like “Things You *Should* Do After Installing WordPress” both for security purposes and usability.
  • How to write a solid and stable WordPress plugin: Mark Jaquith tells us [WordPress plugin developers] how to develop solid and stable WordPress plugins.
  • The Deceptively Simple Steps to Persuasive Writing That Works: This technique requires no actual writing ability, but it does work! It’s so simple I can’t believe I never did it until recently.
  • The Secret to Captivating Content? More Cowbell!: Another one by copyblogger. Here he shares his secret in writing captivating content. I love the video he refers to by the way. Pure genius.
  • New Toolbar PageRanks coming: Even though I do not care too much about SEO and pagerank (I tend to focus more on content quality), I would still like to know how much more visible I am since last pagerank update.
  • List of the Most Effective SEO Tools: Raden has put together a nice list of the most effective SEO tools that he uses. I also use a few of those myself.

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