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Lecture 4: Replication of Eukaryotic cells

Cells are derived from other cells. Cell replication or cell division mechanism varies among the organism’s cell and type of cells.

Whats so important about cell replication?

Over time, cells die and thus cell replication must be necessary in order to produce more cells so your body would not fall part!

Remember, the Cell Theory

  1. Cell is the basic unit of life
  2. Cells come from other cells
  3. Cells make up living things

Thus, without replication of cells, we would be extinct

What types of cell replication occurs in eukaryotic cells?

In eukaryotic cells, mitosis and meiosis are cell division mechanisms seen in somatic cell and sex cells, respectively. Sex cells are gamete cells such as sperm and egg. Somatic cells are all other cells that are not sex cells. Other types of eukaryotic cell replication includes: schizogony, budding, and spore formation.

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