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Lower Your Cell Phone Bill by Changing Your Billing Address

Back in my younger poor-college-student years, I’ve always been pissed that my cell phone bill was always substantially more than what my monthly plan costs due to cell phone taxes. Arnold taxes the average Californian 13.18% of their cell phone bill. If you tack on federal tax (5.48%), an average Californian will pay an extra $7.46 per month in taxes for a $40 per month plan. That’s about $90 per year. I was looking for ways to reduce this number and this is what I did:

  1. Researched which state had the cheapest cell phone tax (found out that it was Nevada with 1.14% tax rate).
  2. Opt for e-statement, so Sprint emails me statements instead of sending me a paper statements to my home address.
  3. Change my address online to Caesar’s Palace Casino:
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89109
  4. Start supporting the Nevada State government and watch my bill go down.

Here is the result of changing my billing address. Read on…

Best Question Asked by Our Customer

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I changed jobs about 2 months ago to a Test Engineer at Coral8. We develop and sell Complex Events Processing software and one of the things we brag about is high availability and guaranteed message delivery. One of the questions we got from one of our customers today was, “Can we run over UDP for greater reliability?” I can tell you that UDP does NOT stand for “Undropped Data Protocol”, see Wikipedia (first sentence of second paragraph).

OMNINOGGIN has migrated to the ever stable FreeBSD 6.2 Platform!

After months of dreaming and being lazy,
weeks of acquiring working hardware,
days of setting up the OS, Apache, and MySQL,
hours of migrating wordpress data and configurations,
minutes of settings up network IP routing,
and seconds of testing,
I have finally migrated this blog from WindowsXP to FreeBSD 6.2

FreeBSD Logo

It’s time for me to grow some horns. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more reliable, faster, and secure the blog will become. I’ll soon be posting tutorials on the troubles I’ve encountered throughout this process, but for now, this is FIRST POST on the new system!