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Tips to PCR-ing

All right, it is likely that you may need to repeat the same PCR reaction about oh I don’t know how many times before you can get enough of what you want. I have been told, but was resilient to admit that contamination can and WILL occur if you don’t take precautions. Read on…

PCR-Polymerase Chain Reaction


What is it?

PCR stands for Polymerase chain reaction. It is used for various reasons but it’s main purpose as the name suggests is to amplify DNA. How it can be applied in science is countless. The DNA sample will amplify exponentially based upon the Read on…

How to get into Research?

This can you be YOU!

Science isn’t for everyone, but curiosity is likely the drive to get you started into thinking about doing research.

  1. I think networking is key to get yourself noticed.
  2. Your passion and dedication will have you liked.
  3. Your resume and credentials determine whether or not you will get paid.

Read on…

Lecture 3: Anatomy of Eukaryotes and Endosymbiotic Theory

In living things, such as our body, bacteria, protozoas, fungi, there are cells. These cells are broken into either eukaryotes or prokaryotes. The organelles of these cells are important in understanding how organisms work.

Read on…

Lecture 1 & 2: A glimpse of Microbiology


Microbiology is literally the study of micro things, you know, small itty bitty things that can only be seen under the microscope. These tiny little guys are called microorganisms or microbes. Microbes existed long before human existence. The study of Microbiology advanced only through time with investigators, physicians, and other scholars who dedicated much of their time to proactive growth of microbiology.

Read on…

Hello [science] world!

In lieu of the dying earth and overcrowding health science students and science-loving people out there, I decided to add as much notes and information from my previous science courses here. Perhaps, for those who are or will be attending colleges, may find this site useful in your current courses. (I hope it does).

Let us begin with a topic I find fearful and fascinating at the same time – Microbiology.

Please note: visual aids (pictures, videos) and study guides are on its way. I will post an announcement as soon as possible!