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Plugin Review: “Where Did They Go From Here?”

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Ajay D’Souza who regularly writes on Weblog Tools Collection had recently updated a plugin called ‘Where did they go from here?‘.  Originally developed by Mark Ghosh, this plugin keeps track of where your readers go after reading a post and displays this list at the end of your post.  This works just like Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature on their product page.

I never noticed this plugin before and I’m quite surprised that I have missed it considering how useful it is.
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A Quick Guide to Changing WordPress Hosts

In this post I will show you how to quickly migrate a WordPress blog to a different host. Certainly not everybody’s configurations are the same, so this should be used as a general guideline only.

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Put your site in maintenance mode

Move files and data

  1. Login to your current host via SSH and cd to the directory above your blog root
  2. Run the following command to archive your WordPress code:
    tar -zcvf blog.tar.gz path/to/your/blog/
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WPGB Troubleshooting: Greet Box Doesn’t Show Up

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This post is one of my WP Greet Box Troubleshooting Guides series (more to come).


You have installed WP Greet Box and found that your greeting messages do not show up.

Note that this troubleshooting guide should only be used for WP Greet Box with cache compatibility mode enabled.

Step 1: Check code embed

  1. Visit one of your post pages.
  2. Make sure there are no javascript error messages when you visit a post page.
  3. On your post page, do a browser View > Source on the page, then check if the following text are there:
    • wp-greet-box/css/wp-greet-box.css
    • id=”greet_block”
    • wp-greet-box/js/functions.js
    • wp-greet-box/js/onload.js

If all is there, then proceed to next step.

If wp-greet-box/css/wp-greet-box.css does not exists, it could mean that your theme does not make a call to the standard wp_head() function. You can fix this issue by manually inserting the follow between your <head> and </head> tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/wp-content/plugins/wp-greet-box/css/wp-greet-box.css" type="text/css" />

If wp-greet-box/js/functions.js & wp-greet-box/js/onload.js does not exists, it could be that your theme does not make a call to the standard wp_footer() function. You can fix this issue by adding <?php wp_footer(); ?> into your theme’s footer.php or manually inserting the following towards the bottom of your HTML (near the </body> tag):

<script type="text/javascript" src="/wp-content/plugins/wp-greet-box/js/functions.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/wp-content/plugins/wp-greet-box/js/onload.js"></script>

If any of these are not there, you might have not installed the plugin properly. Please read the readme.txt file and then retry the installation.
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Automatically Cycle/Rotate Fun With Sidebar Tabs

Tabbed WidgetOne of my favorite WordPress plugins that I use is Fun With Sidebar Tabs, coded by the awesome Andrew Rickmann. This plugin lets you easily tab your sidebar widgets so you can solve your sidebar cluttering issue.

The only addition I would want from such a wonderful plugin is the ability to cycle (or rotate) through the tabs automatically, so here it is. My implementation is just a simple jQuery javascript that should just plug-and-play[pray] with Fun With Sidebar Tabs.

I will also be submitting this to Andrew for possibly patching Fun With Sidebar Tabs. Stay tuned by subscribing to the RSS feed and I will let you know when the changes become official. For now, installation is easy as pie.
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Politically Correct Plugin Helps Save Swear Jar Money

DonkeyOne of my readers, Matt, contacted me the other day about a plugin that he has developed called “WordPress Politically Correct” plugin.  It’s a funny little plugin that changes some politically incorrect terms into euphemisms.  In other words, a good way to keep money out of that swear jar that you’ve been keeping.  Consider the following example.

This text:

So there was this bum harrasing this chick right? The guy was so drunk it wasn’t even funny. Next thing you know this huge, bald fireman comes to her rescue. He grabs the homeless guy and knocks him out cold. The poor soul looked dead, just lying there on the pavement. I know why the guy did it. The girl looked like a slut. He probably thought he was going to get some action. Yeah, she looked real easy.

will get converted to:
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Lazy Blogging with Postalicious

Weekend Links ScreenshotYou guys have probably noticed [and hopefully found useful] my “Weekend Links” series that I post at the end of every week.  In this post, I would like to share my method of doing these posts quickly and efficiently.


I want to share my Google Reader shared items on a weekly links posts.  Generate these weekly links posts manually takes a lot of time.  Postalicious lets you do this all automatically, but the newer version of Postalicious was buggy for me when I tried it (2.5rc4 at the time).  Postalicious version 2.0rc6 has an option for you to use Google Reader, but this option is grayed out by default unless you overwrite one of the core WordPress files (rss.php).


I used version 2.0rc6, and got around modifying the core WordPress file by feeding my Google Reader feed through Yahoo! Pipes and then back to Postalicious.  Let’s go through the setup step by step. Read on…

Are Premium WordPress Plugins/Themes Unethical?

GNU Public License MascottBecause of the recent commotion in the WordPress community about the ethics of selling premium WordPress themes, I would like to stir things up by voicing my opinion about this topic.

I know you are thinking, “Who are you? Why should I care what you have to say about it?” To tell you the truth I’m just a regular WordPress junkie who has written some successful plugins and articles on WordPress (and of course some unsuccessful ones). I believe that I’ve dealt with GNU Public License (GPL) enough to both love and hate it.


You probably know that WordPress is an open source blogging platform licensed under GPL. This means that all derivative works and extensions (themes and plugins) are also forcefully licensed under GPL themselves.

GPL purists argue that it is definitely unethical to charge for premium offerings and license it under a different license. Others (like me) believe that this is a gray area and we cannot apply the GPL by the book to every plugin/theme here.

My take as a non-premium plugin/theme developer

Currently I do not develop any premium WordPress plugins or themes, but I still believe that not all premium WordPress plugins and themes are unethical. Here are my reasons why some of them are perfectly ethical (and legal): Read on…

Released WP Greet Box Version 4.4

What’s new in this release?

In this release, I added more default greeting messages using my own set of social media icons. I also added the ability to specify multiple greeting messages per referrer by means of a wildcard (*) and a list operator (,).

The following new default greeting messages were added along with its own social media icons:
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Released WP Greet Box Version 4.3

What’s new in this release?

On this release, I added the ability to detect the visitor’s search keywords and use those keywords to display related posts for the visitor. *IMPORTANT* Upon upgrading, make sure you deactivate then reactivate the plugin. This will give you default settings for newly available options.

Currently this works for the main search engines and other search engines that adhere to a few standard rules of query structuring.

This is what your visitors will see if search keywords were detected in the referrer:
Greet Google Closed
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10 WordPress Plugin Developers to Follow

Here is a list of WordPress plugins developers that I follow (in alphabetical order). Most plugins created by these guys are ahead of its time so some of them end up getting merged into the core WordPress code. Being a WordPress plugin developer myself, these guys are great resources for idea bouncing and coaching. I highly recommend following these guys if you are a WordPress plugin developer or enthusiast.
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