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Plugin Review: SEO Smart Links Business

My fellow WordPress plugin developer and friend Vladimir Prelovac recently (more like a couple of months ago) kindly offered me the opportunity to review his SEO Smart Links Business WordPress plugin. I was a bit excited to get my hands on his premium plugin since I have been very impressed with all of his WordPress work thus far (see also Vladimir’s WordPress Plug-in Development book). In this post, I’d like to capture some of my thoughts about his new plugin.

What is SEO Smart Links Business?

Briefly, SEO Smart Links Business aims to help WordPress blog owners improve their blog’s onsite SEO by automatically interlinking posts to each other. The goal of this plugin is to alleviate the pain of having to manage internal content linking. The plugin also comes with a bunch of other tools that you may need to help improve your onsite SEO. If you want to know more, I think it’s best if I let you read the detailed list of features on the official product page.
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Plugin Review: “Top 10”

photo credit: David Locke1

Ajay D’Souza has done it again and brought fellow WordPress users another much needed plugin called Top 10. This plugin counts daily/total visits per post and displays the most popular posts based on the number of views. Now you might just smirk and say that this is just another popular post plugin, but if you continue reading, I will go over how this plugin is different from many other popular posts plugins.

What’s special about Top 10?

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Plugin Review: “Where Did They Go From Here?”

winter @ your door
photo credit: duplamox

Ajay D’Souza who regularly writes on Weblog Tools Collection had recently updated a plugin called ‘Where did they go from here?‘.  Originally developed by Mark Ghosh, this plugin keeps track of where your readers go after reading a post and displays this list at the end of your post.  This works just like Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature on their product page.

I never noticed this plugin before and I’m quite surprised that I have missed it considering how useful it is.
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