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Recapping: Setting up a FreeBSD 6.2 Web Server

I hope I can get some part-time consulting jobs to do this optimization for small businesses. All in all, it doesn’t seem too hard to do and I enjoyed doing it. If you run into a problem just google it for the answer. Anyway, here is the recap of the steps I took to set up my FreeBSD 6.2 Web Server.

  1. Installing OS
  2. Setting Up Apache, MySQL, and Other Services
  3. Migrating WordPress from WinXP to FreeBSD
  4. Optimizing Apache
  5. Optimizing MySQL
  6. Optimizing PHP
  7. Proxy Caching
  8. Optimizing WordPress with WP-Cache
  9. Keeping Your FreeBSD Ports Up-to-Date Effortlessly
  10. Setting Up Sendmail on FreeBSD 6.2

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  1. Ty Bone

    *Update* I’ve also set up WP-Cache Plugin to help out with WordPress caching and reducing Apache CPU cycles. Will update this post when I have a good tutorial on WP-Cache.

  2. Ty Bone

    I’ve added “Optimizing WordPress with WP-Cache” as #8.

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