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Roadtrip to Doctor hood

The Beginning

In search for the right profession for yourself is probably the hardest thing to do (for most people). I have been dilly-dandling for quite some time and finally decided that I’m just going to go through with taking the MCAT before giving up on medical school all together. I wanted this page to be dedicated solely on my process, thoughts, and how I plan to attack the MCAT. Sort of like a reach out for those who are willing to listen. I mean, I can totally share the excitement for the entire route to being an MD fo-sho!

I have visited plenty other MCAT blogs and forums. Most of them are very very very very stressful of a read. Mostly because it’s so negative and demeaning. I do not believe that a person who wants to become a doctor should be afraid of the process of being a doctor. (easy to say..)

The first step to even moving on towards the idea of becoming a doctor, is definitely, the commitment and willingness to pull through – regardless of whatever hardship you may encounter. If you think about it, your willingness to be responsible for another person’s life or well being is far greater and far more hefty than taking the MCAT, applying and going through medical school.

It took me three years upon graduation to plan for the MCAT is solely based upon financial reasons, and eh..a little cowardliness.  However, the armor is on and I’m ready to rumble!

Happy MCAT-ing.

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