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My MCAT Reflection

Dear Readers,

For those of you who are hesitating and still planning to take your MCAT, let me say one thing: JUST DO IT!

I haven’t been able to add any sciency postings mostly due to the fact that I was slaving and studying for the MCATs early mornings and late at night, then work in between. It’s pretty tough (the schedule) but I definitely think that the MCAT is doable (as in, you can do really well!)

Let me give you a little history of my quest for taking the MCAT.

I actually wanted to go to medschool for a really long time, as in when I was 4 years old. Of course, at that age I didn’t know what it’ll take to be admitted into a medical school. My undergraduate years were a little tough. A combination of friends, people dying, boyfriends, and a research mentor who was really tough on me made me a little paranoid. I definitely developed a lot of anxiety and had a hard time doing well on my exams even if I studied a month in advance. It was strange, I can’t really explain it, but basically my scores out of college isn’t on par to the current average/expectations as noted in the AMCAS website.

Due to this negative thinking that I cannot do it, made me even more depressed about myself and my abilities. It pretty much smashed my dreams. I went on working other jobs but I always looked back and wanted to go ahead and take the MCAT, then apply to medical school. So after many years of doing that, I finally went on forward. I saved enough money to pay for a prep course. I committed as much time as I could to the course and studied as much as I could (about 5 hours a day for 3 months straight). I have tried studying on and off for two years prior to this but the outcome was never an improvement (thats why I went on with just studying for 3 months straight).

It’s not easy to work 40 hours a week plus other time needed to help my family with things. I pretty much did not have a social life and I started to feel very alone. Again, the sadness fills the air and I became very depressed. Yes, I cried. Several times actually. The worst thing I did to myself was when I kept Facebook-stalking all of my friends who I see have done something extraordinary with their lives. I kept looking at pictures of current parties, events, and other social gatherings that I am clearly missing out because of this stupid damned MCAT I have to take.

At one point I canceled my test date and said, oh I’ll take it in another 6 months. Then I was advised by friends and family that I should just go ahead and do it since I’ll only be suffering more of this aggravation for another 6 months if I don’t do it now! So , $400 dollars later,  I signed back into the next available MCAT test date. I basically had to check every day of every week (any time I had) to see if another test date in September opened up. When it did, I signed up right away! (People do back out of the test date when it nears the test date, but I definitely recommend signing up ahead of time so it forces you to maintain your study schedule towards your goal).

I haven’t received my score yet, and I’m not sure how confident I feel about my score. All I know is I am very relieved that I took this big step towards doing what I really want to do with my life. It’s been many years, but at least I know I have accomplished a goal that I set myself out to do it regardless of whatever obstacle that was in my way.

I was told by many doctors, principal investigators, faculty members, that if you really want to become a doctor, you will be able to get there. Someone is bound to accept you with your obvious passion, persistence, and determination. I look forward to hearing any of your stories good or bad. It’ll totally help with my uneasiness and whoever else out there reading this blog.

This post is getting way too long now, so I’ll stop here and I’ll post my study schedule on here on a different post.

Thanks again for stopping by.


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  1. Tina

    You have our support. I believe in you. You’re very strong and hardworking. Good luck with MCAT!

    Until then you know every one of us farmers can get an additional 10% off your hard work!

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