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The MCAT Composition and Scoring

This article will focus on: what is tested in the MCAT, how are the questions asked, how is it scored?

Just in case you guys didn’t know, the MCAT is the medical college admissions test and its pretty much THE test you need to take in order to apply to medical school in the US (exceptions are to some international schools).The MCAT requires you to have a basic understanding of the sciences (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology) and it requires that you have a good reading comprehension. Oh, you’ll also need to know how to write! Read on…

Roadtrip to Doctor hood

The Beginning

In search for the right profession for yourself is probably the hardest thing to do (for most people). I have been dilly-dandling for quite some time and finally decided that I’m just going to go through with taking the MCAT before giving up on medical school all together. I wanted this page to be dedicated solely on my process, thoughts, and how I plan to attack the MCAT. Sort of like a reach out for those who are willing to listen. I mean, I can totally share the excitement for the entire route to being an MD fo-sho! Read on…

WP BTBuckets WordPress Plugin

This plugin is now being supported and developed by the official BTBuckets team.

Today I would like to announce the release of ‘WP BTBuckets’ WordPress plugin, a plugin that integrates the BTBuckets service into your WordPress blog, giving your blog the ability to dynamically morph depending on who your visitors are. Now you can target your visitors based on their visiting behavior. Let me explain how behavioral targeting works by showing you an example from my fitness blog and how it changes depending on who’s visiting:

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Troubleshooting WP Minify with FirePHP

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WP Minify should work out of the box for many people. For the rest of you, who tinker and venturing into advanced options and experimenting, you’ll probably run into issues causing your minify calls to return “400 Bad Request” code. Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide on how to debug this error message quickly and efficiently.
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Released WP Minify 0.9.0

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WP Minify version 0.9.0 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of WP Minify has the following enhancements.

  1. Added SSL option to force http -> https on secured pages.
  2. Updated common.php and some other maintenance.

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How Do You Plugin/Theme Developers Make Money?

I just read a recent post on Vladimir Prelovac’s blog titled “The Future of Free“, and I totally agree with this. My question is, without putting a price on my WordPress plugins, how do I make people appreciate all the work I’ve put into them? I think the WordPress community is too used to getting things for free. You can download and install tons of plugins/themes completely free of charge. Here are some questions for you on this topic (along with my own personal answers):
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Released WP Greet Box 6.0.0

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WP Greet Box version 6.0.0 is here!

What’s new this release?

That’s right 6.0.0!! This version of WP Greet Box has the following enhancements.

  1. Re-architected the plugin to have a smaller footprint for visitors.
  2. Added DZone (Thank you Matthew Schmidt).
  3. Added UI on post/page edit form to exclude greet box from showing up on current post/page
  4. Updated it_IT translation by Gianni Diurno.
  5. Fixed translation strings and updated .pot file.
  6. Fixed broken CSS when both rounded corners and drop shadow options are unchecked.

Here are some addition notable point release changes for version 6.0.x:

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How to Add Ads Inside Your Post Content

As a webmaster, it is always good to experiment with advertisement placements to maximize your ad revenue. One possible ad placement is in the middle of your posts. One way to do this is to manually include the ad into every one of your post text (I’m not a big fan of this idea). The better way to do it is to modify your theme to automatically show this ad in your posts’ content. Since it’s a bit tricky, I’d like to share a quick tip on how to do this.
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What are Nucleosides, Nucleic Acid, Nucleotides

“Nucleic acid” is found within the name of DNA (Deoxyribose nucleic acid) and RNA (Ribose nucleic acid), but aren’t DNA & RNA made up of nucleotides? Read on…

Easy Way to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

One of my WP-Minify users emailed me the other day referencing me to this post on the Google Adsense blog. In summary, the article says that Google will start including your site speed to figure out how you rank in their search results page.

I believe that Google is doing the right thing here. I also believe that top sites that show up on search results pages shouldn’t be overly slow (else it’ll ruin my search experience).

WP-Minify and WP Super Cache are the two easiest things you can implement on your WordPress blog to give you site a huge speed boost. You should definitely take an hour out of your day to install these two plugins to make sure Google won’t de-rank you due to your site speed.

Also make sure to spread the word to your friends and followers about this!