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1500VA of Battery Backup for

I recently purchased an APC BACK-UPS XS 1500VA LCD for $120 to prepare for California rolling blackouts/brownouts. I’m not sure if this is going to be worth it yet since I still cannot supply backup internet access in case of power outage. So if the power goes out, along with a few other sites will still be forced offline. The great news though is that all of my precious hardwares are completely protected from over/under power issues. Here are some interesting facts I found out while installing this battery backup unit:

  1. On idle, my web server takes 40 Watts to power.
  2. On idle, my personal desktop takes 150 Watts to power (not including the monitor or other peripherals).
  3. In case of power outage, my computer will automatically shutdown if power is not restored within 1 minute.
  4. In case of power outage, the battery be able to supply power to my web server for 100 minutes.
  5. Good battery life is maintained by keeping the battery fully charged. In the case of power outages, your computers should be turned off as soon as possible to avoid deep discharge.

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  1. Ty Bone

    *Update* I have migrated my to a shared-hosting account so now this battery backup unit is actually backing up and

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