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150W to Power My Computer

In the previous post, I found out that it takes 150W to power my personal computer which I always leave on the entire day. I felt bad that I am not contributing to the “Go Green & Save the planet” cause. I actually use my person computer for a variety of things throughout the day but there was definitely a way to optimize the usage. Here are tasks that require my computer to be on all the time:

  1. File Server (mainly used for backups)
  2. Torrents
  3. PVR System
  4. Personal FTP Server (mainly used for syncing settings with my work computer)
  5. MyCast Orb Sharing

I immediately saw that I can give up MyCast Orb Sharing, since I haven’t used it for months.

Next, I notice that the only shows I record with my PVR are nighttime shows (TV Series) that starts after 8pm every day. I then went into my BIOS to have my computer automatically boot at 7:45pm every day to be ready for recording. I then changed all my backup scripts and syncing scripts on all my machines to run between 8pm and 9pm. Now I can manually shutdown my computer like normal people before they go to bed.

Lastly, I had torrents that needed to be running at all times. I decided to move these to my web server machine that only uses 40W of power. Since my web server is idle 99% of the time, this will give it something to do when it’s bored. The only problem I had was that my OS does not have a GUI installed which makes torrent management quite painful. I was ready to face the facts until I luckily found Torrentflux-b4rt. Torrentflux-b4rt is a web torrent management tool that uses Bittornado, Bittorrent Mainline, Azureus, or Transmission as the backend. The interface is skinnable and there are plenty of features (the two most important to me are: Bandwidth Caps and Data Encryption). It’s up and running now and I am loving it.

It takes a bit of originality and compromises to help save the planet. I’m proud to have done this task for mother nature.

*Update 4/8/08*
I just got my PG&E bill today and our energy bill dropped from $413.44 to $292.55 within a month. That’s $120.89 difference (a 1/4 of an average car payment)! To be fair, the weather has gotten less cold so we are using less central heating. Nevertheless I’m sure that my 150W savings has got to count for a substantial chunk of the savings.