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Bypass iTunes, Rockbox Rocks!

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“Rockbox is an open source firmware for mp3 players, written from scratch. It runs on a wide range of players…”

The Apple iPod line has always been the bottom of my sh*t list. Don’t get me wrong, the iPod is stylish and the music quality is great. The only beef I have against the iPod is its music management. Almost everybody I know (including my non-geeky-girlfriend) hates how you have to use iTunes to get music onto the iPod. Here is the beginning of an endless list of iTunes woes:

  1. iTunes is DRM compliant
  2. iTunes is a slow P.O.S. software.
  3. iTunes thinks you don’t know how to organize your own music, so it sticks your music into your iPod the way it thinks it ought to be organized.
  4. iTunes will automatically delete songs from your iPod if it cannot find them in your library (image if you’ve moved a few of your music folders and did not update your library)
  5. …you may add your own woes in the comments…

Notice that I did not mention “iTunes cannot be bypassed” in the list because, I have finally found a way that lets you do exactly that, bypass iTunes! I’ve tried Anapod Explorer (not-free), EPHPod (free but doesn’t work on new generation iPods), and countless other iTunes substitutes with no luck. I gave up on my battles with iTunes for a good 10 months until I found Rockbox. Rockbox rocks because:

  1. It is free.
  2. It let’s you kill iTunes, making music management the way it’s supposed to be (drag-and-drop to your ipod device!)
  3. It has more features than the iPod firmware (EQ, cross-fader, party mode, car adapter mode, etc.)
  4. It has themes support.
  5. It works.
  6. …please add your own positive notes about rockbox in the comments…


I have killed iTunes on my computer and my girlfriend’s computer and we do not intend to look back. Check out what my iPod looks like now and Join the party. Take that CrApple! That’s for developing useless software!

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  1. Archon810

    Bah, I was so about to jump on this but the 2nd gen nano isn’t supported! Ahhh!

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