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Employees Versus Office Filled With Random Things

What’s a programming blog without office humor posts? A boring blog that nobody reads. That being said I would like to share a few office pranks pulled at my workplace (Coral8).

Prank #1: Balloons-filled Office

First let me share the video of our lead engineer, Aleksey, returning from a one week vacation. He is welcomed back with an office filled with extra-extra-large balloons.

Prank #2: Employees Versus Office Filled With Peanuts

Next, just recently my manager, Tatyana, also left for a one week vacation. Working on the ‘let’s fill thing up things’ theme, a few people at work decided to welcome her back by filling her office with packaging peanuts.

Being environmentally conscious we used heat-shrinking weather stripping film to create a wall of packaging peanuts at the window an the door frame. So [unfortunately] no, we did not fill up the entire office. Luckily the previous balloons incident really had her believing that the office was completely filled with packaging peanuts.

Here is a video of the ‘opening’ ceremony. Watch what happens when somebody (Xander) tries to run through the film.

It’s times like these that I really appreciate working with such great/entertaining people. I’ll being posting more prank recordings as soon as more people go on vacation so stay tuned to the RSS feed.

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