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OMNINOGGIN has migrated to the ever stable FreeBSD 6.2 Platform!

After months of dreaming and being lazy,
weeks of acquiring working hardware,
days of setting up the OS, Apache, and MySQL,
hours of migrating wordpress data and configurations,
minutes of settings up network IP routing,
and seconds of testing,
I have finally migrated this blog from WindowsXP to FreeBSD 6.2

FreeBSD Logo

It’s time for me to grow some horns. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more reliable, faster, and secure the blog will become. I’ll soon be posting tutorials on the troubles I’ve encountered throughout this process, but for now, this is FIRST POST on the new system!

5 Responses to “OMNINOGGIN has migrated to the ever stable FreeBSD 6.2 Platform!”

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  1. Archon810

    Well it’s about damn time. BSD, I’m impressed with the choice. Tell me how it goes.

    BTW, your chCounter links are fucked.

  2. admin

    😉 Yup, been working with SuSE for so long that I’m not used to where everything is in BSD. I figured if I’m gonna do something hard, might as well make it annoyingly hard to get maximum pleasure.

    Nice spot, thx… now let me see where to fix it.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    FreeBSD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. admin

    The best things in life are FREE.

  5. admin

    Okay I think I have everything configured the way I want now. I’ll be posting tutorial soon!!!

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