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Programming for Halloween 2008

To get into the 2008 Halloween programming spirit, I would like to share an email my co-worker, Russell, sent me this morning. Here is what was in the email:

One of my friends down in LA likes to put on a “light show” every Halloween… of course light and sound synchronized. He’s a bit of an Oingo Boingo fan (so sound’s required, sorry).

Sound is played quietly for pedestrians (until 9pm), and he broadcasts the music on 99.1 … not sure the FCC likes that, but… oh well.

And yeah… as a day job, he’s a Disney Imagineer — and one of the loony folks that went to Japan with us a few years back (yes, primarily just to ride roller coasters).

I wish I had the technical expertise to do something this grand at my house. Oh well, at least there is Halloween 2009. Lots of time for me to study up until then. Happy programming!

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  1. Pierre-Philippe Martin

    Very impressive, Ty, and thank you for sharing. I took the liberty to add this video link to my blog (with due credits, of course!).

  2. Ty Bone

    You’re very welcome! I love the music.

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