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Lecture 1 & 2: A glimpse of Microbiology

As mentioned earlier, taxonomy, created by Lineus is looking at the characteristics of an organisms and organizing it without looking at its biochemical process (Burgies did that).

Taxonomy Ranks (Linneus)

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Strain, Subspecies are the taxons.

  • Example: Human Beings:
  • Kingdom (Animalia)
  • Phylum (Chordata)
  • Class (Mammalia)
  • Order (Primata)
  • Family (Hominids)
  • Genus (Homo)
  • Species (II Sapies)
  • (Strain and Subspecies)

There are 5 kingdoms we’re looking at:

  • Animilia
  • Plantae
  • Fungi*
  • Protista (microbes, scilia)*
  • monera (including bacteria)*

* Are the little guys we’ll be looking at in microbiology.
Microbial taxonomy allows us to look at biochemical (phenotype), but now we look more at the genome (genotype) of the organisms because the phenotype of the organism may change much more easily than the changes of its genotype (changes only in very drastic conditions). When we look at the genotype of the organism, we are seeing how the organism responds to specific scenarios.

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