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Lecture 1 & 2: A glimpse of Microbiology

3 Domain Systems

1. Eukaria (having nucleus)

2. Prokaryotes (Eubacteria vs. Archaea)

Eubacteria: either anaerobic or aerobic

Archaea: older and more simple than eubacteria, different in its morphology, able to live in harsh conditions (most enzymes fall into this category)

3. Virus: these guys have DNA/RNA within a capsule with a protein coating, it is not a cell, and it definitely needs a host to replicate and propagate


The former contents were notes taken from Professor Phil Hawkins at Foothill College Bio 41 in Winter 2010. Additional information are also taken from the textbook: Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy, 2nd edition, by Robert Bauman.

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