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Easy Way to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

One of my WP-Minify users emailed me the other day referencing me to this post on the Google Adsense blog. In summary, the article says that Google will start including your site speed to figure out how you rank in their search results page.

I believe that Google is doing the right thing here. I also believe that top sites that show up on search results pages shouldn’t be overly slow (else it’ll ruin my search experience).

WP-Minify and WP Super Cache are the two easiest things you can implement on your WordPress blog to give you site a huge speed boost. You should definitely take an hour out of your day to install these two plugins to make sure Google won’t de-rank you due to your site speed.

Also make sure to spread the word to your friends and followers about this!

11 Responses to “Easy Way to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking”

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  1. Jauhari

    WP-Minify, sometimes make my website layout broken.. what should I do?

  2. Ty Bone

    Check out the WP Minify troubleshooting guide and also check out the the plugin support forum. A lot of issues can be solved by just searching the forum.

  3. jamesstevn

    Hello, Ty
    I build a web site with wordpress, The link is . I have written many articles on it and use many seo tips. But till now I can get litter flow everyday, can you help me to check if any question about it.
    Thank you

  4. Ty Bone

    There's two parts of SEO.
    1. On page (which you've done already).
    2. Build incoming links with the right keywords.

  5. Robert

    Hi Ty,

    I have a blog with 234 posts and they are preloaded by WP Super Cache (with Preload Mode is active) and an expiry of 86400 seconds (1 day).
    Because of this blog article, I now want to install WP Minify to speed up things even further.
    My understanding is that WP Minify starts working from the cached/static HTML produced by WP Super Cache.
    But I want to know beforehand if WP Minify is going to change all these 234 preloaded HTML pages?
    Or is it permanently going to sit between the visitor's browser and the cached/preloaded HTML pages?

  6. Robert


    I'm rephrasing my first question into :
    But I want to know beforehand if WP Minify is going to change ***and also cache*** all these 234 preloaded HTML pages?

  7. shirelly

    thank you,very useful information,although i had been do seo for sometimes,but often don't know the right way to improve or website!

  8. intographics

    Well I guess no answers here.

  9. Ty Bone

    Hi there intographics,

    Sorry I've been so busy with things, my inbox, comments, and forum are super full. WP-Minify gets ran before WP Super Cache generates those static pages, so my gut feeling tells me that this will work. You can always try it on a test blog to see if it works to your liking beforehand.

  10. Mobmani Groups

    How is that possible someone should explain me

  11. faizan

    another great tip here! great mr Ty. keep it up your great work!
    i am installing the plugins you recommend.

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