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How to Hack Google Analyticator Plugin to Display Page Views

Page View on Advertise PageIf you haven’t noticed, I have an advertise page on this blog that displays various OMNINOGGIN statistics for any interested advertiser to see. If you visit that page, you will also notice a little section under “View Counts” that displays the number of page views on my blog in the last 30 days. This statistics is tracked in my Google Analytics account and I use a hacked version of the Google Analyticator WordPress plugin to display it.

The reason why hacked the plugin to display the number of page views is because advertisers usually care more about the number of page views than the number of unique visitors.

In this tutorial I will show you how to hack the Google Analyticator plugin to display the number of page views instead of the unique visitors and display the count in any one of your posts or pages.
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Plugin Support Forum is Up!

Flickr Vietnamese meeting
photo credit: linh.ngân

Today I would like to announce the launch of the OMNINOGGIN plugin support forum.  From now on, I would like all support questions regarding all of my WordPress plugins to go through the appropriate categories in the support forum.  Here are my reasons for the shift:

  • Intense Debate comments are not searchable by the end user.  It’s also hard to navigate the comments to find what you are looking for.  Because of that, people end up asking the same questions.
  • Support plugins is starting to become a monumental task for me.  I’m hoping that having a forum will encourage 3rd party paticipation to help reduce some of my time spent on plugin support.  That way I can have some time to actually develop the plugins.
  • I need the ability to separate which support requests are important and which ones are not as important.  To do that, I have created a set of free support forums and a set of premium support forums.  Free forums are for people who are using my plugins for personal/non-commercial purposes (and thus would not need urgent support).  Premium forums are for people who are using my plugins on blogs that are earning them money.
  • Some people were unhappy at my attempts to gain traffic from my plugins by displaying an OMNINOGGIN widget in the WordPress adminitration dashboard by default.  The premium support forums will help justify the 20-30 hours I spend each week on my plugins, so I will be disabling these widgets by default on all of my plugins.

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Buy Sell Ads WordPress Plugin

This plugin is deprecated in favor of the official BuySellAds plugin.

Buy Sell AdsToday I would like to announce the release of ‘Buy Sell Ads’ WordPress Plugin, a plugin to help you easily integrate your Buy Sell Ads zones and includes anti-AdBlock meaures to help prevent AdBlock (and similar software) from blocking Buy Sell Ads advertisements.

You might ask “Why would I want to do that?” Here is why:

  1. AdBlock lowers your ad impression statistics tracked by Buy Sell Ads, which makes your advertisement spot lose value.
  2. Buy Sell Ads advertisers will have an extra incentive to advertise on your site because AdBlock will not be able to block their ads.

Again, feel free to use the comments section for bug reports and feature requests/suggestions.

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Anti-AdBlock WordPress Plugin

Support and development for this plugin has been disconnected due to the lack of demand for this plugin.

AdBlock TextToday I would like to announce the release of ‘Anti-AdBlock’ WordPress Plugin, a plugin that can help you increase your blog advertisement revenue. Again, feel free to use the comments section for bug reports and feature requests/suggestions. Please refrain from debating the ethics of AdBlock software in the comments section so that people who are using this plugin can get timely support for it. Lastly if you have a creative custom message that you use to appeal to your loyal visitors, please share them in comments!
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How to Discourage Visitors from Using AdBlock

How to disable AdBlockIf you are a new user and you use any form of advertisement blocking (e.g. AdBlock) on your browser, you would have been greeted with a neat little message saying “Doh! It appears that you are using AdBlock software…”.

The purpose of this post is to show you how to create such a message for your own website. I had this idea from a comment I found on one of my favorite blogs (Webmaster Source) regarding combating AdBlock.

Before I go on, let me say that I am not interested in discussing/debating the use and ethics of AdBlock software in depth in this post. I’m planning on writing a post with my research and data on the effects of discouraging AdBlock use in a later post, so let’s save that discussion for another time.   For now I would like you to evaluate the pros and cons of this mod and decide for yourself if you would like to install the mod or not.
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