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How to Troubleshoot WP Minify

WP Minify is supposed to work out of the box for many cases. That being said, there will always be plugins that conflict with WP Minify because of the nature of this plugin. In this post, I will show you how to troubleshoot these issues for yourself before you have to hit the plugin support forum.

How does WP Minify Work?

When activated, the plugin does the following:

  1. WP Minify intercepts theme rendering at the get_header WordPress hook and puts everything that is echoed/outputted from the PHP code into an output buffer.
  2. WP Minify then intercepts theme rendering again at the get_footer WordPress hook to stop the output buffer.
  3. The plugin then evaluates the page content to extract all JavaScripts and stylesheets out.
  4. The minified version of these JavaScripts and stylesheets are then re-injected into the content.
  5. The page content is echoed/outputted as normal.

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WLTC: How to Highlight Search Terms with jQuery

Highlighted Search ResultsIn this post, I would like to highlight a good tutorial I recently wrote on Weblog Tools Collection in case you guys have missed it.

The tutorial shows how you can easily hack your WordPress blog to highlight search terms using some jQuery magic.  I particularly like this method because it is an easy modification and jQuery will let you highlight any text within any HTML element no matter if the text is in the post title or in the post content area.

Read the full article here.

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Weekend Links – Mar 21, 2009

Use Custom Fields to Dynamically Display Content

You might have noticed that I have a post footer section on every one of my posts. What you might not have noticed is that this post footer changes depending on what type of post it is. For example on each of my plugin pages (e.g. SEO No Duplicate plugin), you will see that the footer looks like this:
Plugins Footer
But on each of my popular articles pages (e.g. Make Any Plugin Work with WP Super Cache), you will see that my footer looks like the following:
Articles Footer
Better yet, on any other posts, the footer shows:
Other Footer

In this post I will show you how to easily implement this feature on your WordPress blog.
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Are Premium WordPress Plugins/Themes Unethical?

GNU Public License MascottBecause of the recent commotion in the WordPress community about the ethics of selling premium WordPress themes, I would like to stir things up by voicing my opinion about this topic.

I know you are thinking, “Who are you? Why should I care what you have to say about it?” To tell you the truth I’m just a regular WordPress junkie who has written some successful plugins and articles on WordPress (and of course some unsuccessful ones). I believe that I’ve dealt with GNU Public License (GPL) enough to both love and hate it.


You probably know that WordPress is an open source blogging platform licensed under GPL. This means that all derivative works and extensions (themes and plugins) are also forcefully licensed under GPL themselves.

GPL purists argue that it is definitely unethical to charge for premium offerings and license it under a different license. Others (like me) believe that this is a gray area and we cannot apply the GPL by the book to every plugin/theme here.

My take as a non-premium plugin/theme developer

Currently I do not develop any premium WordPress plugins or themes, but I still believe that not all premium WordPress plugins and themes are unethical. Here are my reasons why some of them are perfectly ethical (and legal): Read on…