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Plugin Support Forum is Up!

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photo credit: linh.ngân

Today I would like to announce the launch of the OMNINOGGIN plugin support forum.  From now on, I would like all support questions regarding all of my WordPress plugins to go through the appropriate categories in the support forum.  Here are my reasons for the shift:

  • Intense Debate comments are not searchable by the end user.  It’s also hard to navigate the comments to find what you are looking for.  Because of that, people end up asking the same questions.
  • Support plugins is starting to become a monumental task for me.  I’m hoping that having a forum will encourage 3rd party paticipation to help reduce some of my time spent on plugin support.  That way I can have some time to actually develop the plugins.
  • I need the ability to separate which support requests are important and which ones are not as important.  To do that, I have created a set of free support forums and a set of premium support forums.  Free forums are for people who are using my plugins for personal/non-commercial purposes (and thus would not need urgent support).  Premium forums are for people who are using my plugins on blogs that are earning them money.
  • Some people were unhappy at my attempts to gain traffic from my plugins by displaying an OMNINOGGIN widget in the WordPress adminitration dashboard by default.  The premium support forums will help justify the 20-30 hours I spend each week on my plugins, so I will be disabling these widgets by default on all of my plugins.

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Released WP Greet Box 5.0

WP Greet Box version 5.0 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of WP Greet Box has the following enhancements.

  1. Added ability to expand related posts by default.
  2. Added ability to display related posts before the greeting message.
  3. Added localization support.
  4. Added version checking.
  5. Cleaned up a lot of code.

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Released WP Minify 0.1

I have moved WP Minify out of beta stage.

What’s new this release?

This is the official release of WP Minify. This release fixes a bunch of bugs found and reported by the beta testers (THANK YOU!). Here are some updates on bugs and feature requests.

Known bug

  1. Full compatibility with WPMU (I haven’t had time to reproduce this bug).

Upcoming Features

  1. Placing minified scripts in the footer.
  2. Automatic <link> and <script> detection for minifying.
  3. Option for setting far future expiration.
  4. Option for setting the location of local cache files.
  5. Option to not gzip.
  6. Ability to offload files to an external CDN.

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Weekend Links – Apr 19, 2009

Announcing Winner of WordPress Plug-in Development Book

Here is the winner from the previous WordPress Plugin Development Book Giveaway.


After including the people who did not win in the last contest (as promised), here is the lucky winner of Vladimir Prelovac’s WordPress Plug-in Development: Beginner’s Guide book.
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Win WordPress Plug-in Development Book

This contest has ended! Thank you everybody for participating! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

WordPress Plug-in Development BookLast week I reviewed Vladimir Prelovac’s WordPress Plug-in Development Book: Beginner’s Guide.  Today I would like to give the book away!

When does the contest end?

This contest has ended! Thank you everybody for participating! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

This contest will end on April 17th, 2009, 11:59pm EST.  I will be announcing the lucky winner in the morning of April 18th, 2009.  Good luck everybody!


This contest is sponsored by Packt Publishing, publisher of WordPress Plug-in Development: Beginner’s Guide.

WLTC: How to Highlight Search Terms with jQuery

Highlighted Search ResultsIn this post, I would like to highlight a good tutorial I recently wrote on Weblog Tools Collection in case you guys have missed it.

The tutorial shows how you can easily hack your WordPress blog to highlight search terms using some jQuery magic.  I particularly like this method because it is an easy modification and jQuery will let you highlight any text within any HTML element no matter if the text is in the post title or in the post content area.

Read the full article here.

Weekend Links – Apr 11, 2009

Book Review: WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development Book CoverWhen I told one of my friends that I am reading Vladimir Prelovac’s WordPress Plug-in Development (Beginner’s Guide), I got the following response from him:

Just what we need… more beginners developing insecure wordpress applications. As-if it isn’t already the #1 hacked application on the Internet…

I completely disagree with this statement.  A book like this will help the WordPress community more than harm it.  Everybody has to start somewhere right?  How else better than to start with a beginner’s guide that shows you the proper way to code a WordPress plugin (with security in mind)?  I have finished reading this book and I am quite excited to share some insights. Read on…

Test WP Greet Box with refspoof Firefox Add-on

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As a quick tip, one of my readers, Luciano Passuello, suggested a great Firefox Add-on called refspoof for testing WP Greet Box WordPress plugin.

Upon installation, you get another address-bar-like toolbar that you can use to type the referrer URL to spoof.

refspoof referrer bar

If I enter something like “” into the bar and press enter, I get the the same page with the added referrer info. Because of that, my wonderful WP Greet Box plugin properly displays the Weblog Tools Collection banner:

WP Greet Box Weblog Tools Collection banner

I think the WP Greet Box administration interface already does a great job at displaying what your greeting message will look like, but it is always good to be able to see it along with the rest of your theme.