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Ways to Increase Visitor Activity on Your Blog

The goal of this post is to help you increase visitor activity on your blog.  First let me define the term “activity” as anything your visitor does to interact with your blog.  An activity can be a variety of things, but the ones I want to focus on (which are also the most important ones) are: clicking on advertisements, donating to your cause, subscribing to your blog, sharing/voting for your blog posts, commenting, and navigating deeper into your blog.  To increase these activities, I to use the following 3 guidelines:

  1. Make it easy (and obvious) to interact.
  2. Ask them to interact.
  3. Do not nag.

So without further ado, here are some strategies on increasing visitor activity on your blog.

Advertisement Placement

Make sure you place these advertisements in “hot” areas of your page before the fold (area that the visitor first sees without scrolling).  I am sure you have seen this ad placement heat map from Google before.  Follow it!


Ask for it when it makes sense.  For example, you should ask for donations after each one of your blog posts.  The reader will not even think about donating before they know what they are donating for.  Another good place to put donation links are next to your freeware download links.

Give the visitor a concrete example of what their donation goes to so they are more likely to donate.  For example, my donate link says, “If you like this post, please consider buying me a cup of coffee.”

Also to not keep nagging your readers,  I recommend using Ozh’s Who Sees Ads plugin to only display this section to semi-new visitors only.


Getting subscribers is one of the most important things to a blogger.  Make sure you place an eye-catching “Subscribe to this blog” section before the fold.  I have implemented this strategy on my sidebar above the fold.

Also you should have a little section visible above the fold that explains what your blog is all about.  Since you do not want to display this to people who come to your site regularly, I also recommend using Ozh’s Who Sees Ads plugin here again to only display this section to new visitors only.

Last but definitely not least.  I recommend using my own WP Greet Box plugin to greet visitors (and ask them to subscribe, share, or vote) based on the referring URL.

Sharing and Voting

At the end of your post, you should give the reader the option to rate, comment, and share your post.  This is a no brainer way of getting free marketing that takes zero effort on your behalf.  Use it!

For sharing/voting on posts on different social network sites, I recommend using the ShareThis widget because it takes up very little room for what it does.  It’s also good to supply a way to share to Twitter (or another major microblog network) since microblogging is the new hot thing nowadays.  As you can see, I use TwitThis for this purpose.


You want the comments section to be a fun and beneficial place to hang out.  Here are some ways to do that.

  1. Enable Gravatars so people can easily identify commenters by their avatar.
  2. Support a universal comment profile service such as SezWho or DISQUS.
  3. Dofollow your comments
  4. Install CommentLuv plugin
  5. Install KeywordLuv plugin
  6. Install Subscribe to Comments plugin to get visitors to return whenever there is a new comment on the thread.

Deeper Navigation

When readers finish reading your post, nudge them to explore and read more of your other posts by supplying a “related posts” section after your post.  I use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to do this.

It is also useful to add a “popular posts” section in your sidebar where readers can easily find more interesting posts to read.  I use Popularity Contest to do this.

In Conclusion

These tips might seem like they are obvious, but you would be surprised how many people are not implementing even one of these tips.  Please feel free to share any other tips you have in the comments section.  Happy tweaking!

11 Responses to “Ways to Increase Visitor Activity on Your Blog”

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  1. Susan

    Having a deeper navigation surely helps quite a bit.

  2. Niccolo Svengali

    If you make a controversial post about a famous blogger, you’ll get attention all right. The snake will devour itself ….

  3. speed training

    I agree that most bloggers are not using those tips maybe because they just don't know how to do it like the CommentLuv thing. If we try to observed, DoFollow blogs really earning much traffic compared to NoFollow blogs. As an internet marketer, I do preferred to leave my comment on a DoFollow blogs to get some benefit on it and the benefit in return to the blog owner is the traffic.

  4. wedding favors

    I like the idea of putting a deeper navigation that will lead the reader to crave more of related topics. This can also benefit the site or blogger owner because of the free advertisement for other related articles. And the popular posts is the most catchy of all because it is the hottest topic among the hottest and certainly a must read.

  5. Webdevelopment ny

    Use commentluv and keywordluv for getting Traffic. Also do bookmarking, Bolgposting etc.

  6. Bob Brenner

    I've just started putting DoFollow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv on my newer sites and it has definitely increased the activity and commenting on them.

  7. Mapquestd

    dofollow comments with softwares like intense add the activity in your blog comments thats why im adding them to mine

  8. Frank

    If people are interested in your article it makes sense that they will want to read a little deeper. Organizing your articles so that it makes it easy for them to do that is something I haven't thought about or worked on. Thanks for the tip.

  9. thedoart

    what a good solution! Thanks for the information!

  10. fitfreaks

    I just want to add that adding advertisement in the hot area is definitely the best thing. But, it is also important that you get the relevant adds as per the context of the page, otherwise it will be a waste. I liked the line “If you like this post, please consider buying me a cup of coffee.” i will put it in my blogs/websites. I also liked the popular posts because it instantly attract users. 🙂

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