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AJAX Force Comment Preview WordPress Plugin

This plugin is no longer supported/updated because of low demand for the plugin.

Today I would like to announce the release of ‘AJAX Force Comment Preview’ WordPress plugin. The plugin works like TextPattern’s built-in ‘force comment preview’ feature by forcing your commenters to preview their comments prior to submission. In addition this plugin is AJAX enabled so the user does not have to reload the page to preview his/her comment. Here are the key benefits of having this plugin enabled.

  1. Comments quality will increase as users will be forced to preview his/her comment before submitting it. Previewed comments are sent through WordPress’ various filters so that the user can see exactly how his/her comment will appear after it is submitted.
  2. Spambots will not be able post comments unless it actually tries to “preview” the comment. When a preview is requested, a nonce key is generated and returned along with the preview. This nonce key is then required to be sent back to the server during comment submission. So in order to submit a comment, the spambot would have to use javascript to request a comment preview prior to submitting the comment. Most spambots do not care to preview so this offers some level of spam protection.

You may find the download link below. As always, please feel free to share any comments, questions, and suggestions!


Before preview
Before preview
After preview
After preview
Submit without preview
Submit without preview


Download AJAX Force Comment Preview

Upcoming Feature(s)

  1. Allow registered users to disable force plugin
  2. Make merge Submit & Preview button functionality a configurable
  3. Show preview button for registered users but not force preview.

Inspired by AJAX Comment Preview (by Michael D Adams) and TextPattern’s built-in Force Comment Preview.

38 Responses to “AJAX Force Comment Preview WordPress Plugin”

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  1. dg

    It sounds good and I'm 100% agree with Artem Russakovskii's suggestions. If implemented the comment form will be more secured.

  2. Artem Russakovskii

    This is actually a good idea. A really great idea, even! I see you also enabled it on your site already. The spam protection is what makes it especially worthwhile to install.

    Here are my suggestions:
    – after you force the preview, if a user makes more changes, disable the submit button again.
    – maybe don’t show the submit button at all, or have the same button that changes functionality from preview to submit and the other way around.
    – stick this thing into svn and wp-plugins
    – …
    – profit?

  3. Ty Bone

    @Artem & dg
    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I will definitely add the suggested feature into version 1.1. I have already requested this plugin be added to wp-plugins SVN repository and I’m just waiting for the green light to commit.

  4. Ty Bone

    I’ve just released version 1.1 with the following changes
    – Disable feature for Administrators
    – Re enforce preview whenever comment text changes
    – Merge “Preview” & “Submit” button

  5. Rosyidi

    I’ve try to comment for many times, but allways failed, my javascript already on. Let me try again.

  6. Rosyidi

    I think it’s great if preview and submit not merged, couse every one can know if they must click twice. Most of visitor don’t know about this new metode, so if submit and preview merged they think their comment already post, couse usualy they click once to comment.

  7. Rosyidi

    wonderfull. on one day you've release 2 version. Great job.

  8. Ty Bone

    You do have a good point about the confusion of merged submit & preview. I will make it an option in the configurations in the next release.

  9. Ty Bone

    “I’ve try to comment for many times, but allways failed, my javascript already on.”
    I really want to fix this problem if it’s still happening. Do you have any ideas on how I can reproduce this?

  10. Artem Russakovskii

    Thanks, Ty. It seems to work just as expected.

  11. Ty Bone

    Thank you for reporting the bug. It turns out that the Javascript was not waiting for the comment-verification key to be sent back form the server before enabling the submit button. This can cause your comments to not submit if you click “preview” then immediately click “submit”. I’ve fix this in version 1.2. Thanks again!

  12. Ty Bone

    Thanks! Though, releasing two versions in one day could be a bad thing :-). Luckily, the second release was a critical bug fix.

  13. Ty Bone

    SVN access is granted so I’ve just committed this to

  14. Ty Bone

    I’ve just released version 1.3 with the following change
    – Fixed bug that causes Windows EOL characters (^M) in comments to invalidate nonce. (Thank you Artem & Rosyidi for reporting this!)

  15. Raden

    I told my friends that this plugin really help me a lot in fighting spam and I am very thankful to Ty for inventing me this great piece of software… Details of my own review about this excellent spam fighter can be found in one of my posts

  16. Ty Bone

    Thank you for putting in a good word for my plugin!

  17. Ty Bone

    Released AJAX Force Comment Preview version 1.4 with the following change:
    – Upgraded plugin to be compatible with the new movable wp-content and wp-config.php changes on WordPress 2.6.

  18. Alex Sysoef

    Which threaded comments do you use on your blog with this plugin?

    Just wondering … and did you have to mod it to display the avatars or do the plugin simply work together and pickup values from the the WP?


  19. Ty Bone

    @Alex Sysoef
    I use WordPress Threaded Comments. The WordPress Threaded Comments plugin asked me to copy a portion of my comments.php into an option field in plugin options. Other than that, it seems to work with my plugin fine out of the box.

  20. ovidiu

    I have a little problem with another plugin called wp wall. Have a look at my post here:

    thats a kind of a shoutbox and does give an error if your plugin is active…

  21. Ty Bone

    Interesting, I’ll install WP Wall tonight on my test blog. Let me get back to you on this.

  22. ovidiu

    please share your results. wp wall is a very nice plugin, also have a look at that authors other plugins 🙂

  23. Ty Bone

    This bug turned out to be quite tricky! Regardless I have released version 1.5 to help with the issue.

    To get these two plugins to work you will have to:
    1. Upgrade to the latest version of AJAX Force Comment Preview
    2. Add the following lines of code in wp-wall-ajax.php before the line that calls “wp_new_comment”.

    // Ajax Forced Comment Preview Compatibility Code – START
    $_POST[‘author’] = $_POST[‘wpwall_author’];
    $_POST[‘text’] = $_POST[‘wpwall_comment’];
    $_POST[’email’] = $_POST[‘wpwall_email’];
    $_POST[‘afcp-nonce’] = Ajax_Force_Comment_Preview::send(true);
    // Ajax Forced Comment Preview Compatibility Code – END

  24. ovidiu

    thx, sounds great. have you informed the author? Otherwise I'll let him know about your post here.

  25. Ty Bone

    I have not informed the author of WP Wall yet. The main reason is that this code insertion I suggested is quite specific to my plugin. Please feel free to contact him/her though. Maybe they wouldn’t mind adding it into the WP Wall plugin.

  26. ovidiu

    I left a comment on his forum, just in case.

  27. Ty Bone

    Released AJAX Forced Comment Preview version 1.5.
    – Added mode to send() that returns the nonce value used for bypassing verification.

  28. ovidiu

    oh and btw. does my gravatar seem blurry to you? It seems extremely blurry to me and only on your page !? makes me wonder…

  29. Ty Bone

    This is my fault. I had the get_avatar() function query for a 32×32 pixel version of the picture and blew it up to 48×48. Most other avatars on my sites are supplied by SezWho. I’ve fixed this and your avatar should display fine now.

  30. ovidiu

    Thx, I was just wondering if there was anything wrong with my eyes this morning 😉

  31. Fabrix

    This plug-in is incompatible with:"DB Cache" Please check this, thanks

  32. mamifan

    very nice plugin thanks.

  33. Karl

    Is´s a good Plugin, i listet it at

    Please dont let it die!

  34. if plugin is activated no pingbacks will received any more. 🙁

  35. Robert

    This plugin is worth further effort. Give it time to catch on…. it is very unique and very useful.

    Please continue upgrades as you said you would.

    Thank you

  36. Ty Bone

    It is true that it's unique. The only problem is that a lot of blogs now use Intense Debate or Disqus to power their comments leaving less users for regular WordPress comments.

    Nevertheless, I am using regular WordPress comments on my other blog ( so I'll experiment with using this plugin on that blog. When I get to that, you can expect the plugin to be updated.

  37. willem

    nice plugin!

  38. Ty, this is the lightest and most efficient spam blocker in my opinion. I'm sad to see you are discontinuing development. If there's any way I can convince you otherwise, let me know! Meanwhile don't take it off the plugin database…

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