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Nowthen Photo Display WordPress Plugin

This plugin is no longer supported/updated because of low demand for the plugin.

Today I would like to announce the release of “Nowthen Photo Display” WordPress widget that parses picture RSS feeds from the image service and displays the pictures neatly on the sidebar. This is my first WordPress widget so any comments and suggestions are welcomed. I would be happy to make updates/releases if the demand for this widget is high enough and there are some worthwhile feature requests.


Sidebar Widget
Sidebar Widget
Widget Options
Widget Options
Gallery Options
Gallery Options


Download Nowthen Photo Display Widget

Upcoming Feature(s)

  1. Allow registered users to disable force plugin
  2. Make merge Submit & Preview button functionality a configurable
  3. Show preview button for registered users but not force preview.

8 Responses to “Nowthen Photo Display WordPress Plugin”

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  1. Erin

    Thayski, this is awesome! Thanks for creating this widget for WordPressers. It’d be great if the sidebar included our new logo and also text at the bottom that says “Instantly share & store your mobile pics at NowThen” — for viewers who want to see/learn more about NowThen.

    Btw – when will you be posting more pics of weird turnips shaped like people, etc? 🙂

    – Erin

  2. Ty Bone

    I will definitely add some references to NowThen at the bottom of the widget on the next release. There will most likely be an option to disable displaying the link also. Will keep you posted.

  3. Ty Bone

    *Updated* Just release 0.2 with the following changes:
    – Cleaned up some hard-coded values.
    – Added NowThen tagline at the bottom of the widget.
    – Also added option to enable/disable this new tagline.

  4. Ty Bone

    *Update* Just released 0.2.5 with the following changes:
    – WordPress 2.5 compatibility fix.

  5. Ty Bone

    *Update* Just released 0.3 with the following changes:
    – Added gallery feature.
    – Moved picture caption to bottom of image.

  6. Ty Bone

    *Update* Just released 0.3.1 with the following changes:
    – Made gallery and sidebar widget display the thumbnail version of the
    photos to improve page load time.

  7. Ty Bone

    Just released version 3.2 with the following change:
    – Fixed a fread() bug that messes up the gallery display when displaying large numbers of pictures.

  8. Ty Bone

    Released NowThen Photo Display version 0.4 with the following change:
    – Upgraded plugin to be compatible with the new movable wp-content and wp-config.php changes on WordPress 2.6.

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