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WP BTBuckets WordPress Plugin

This plugin is now being supported and developed by the official BTBuckets team.

Today I would like to announce the release of ‘WP BTBuckets’ WordPress plugin, a plugin that integrates the BTBuckets service into your WordPress blog, giving your blog the ability to dynamically morph depending on who your visitors are. Now you can target your visitors based on their visiting behavior. Let me explain how behavioral targeting works by showing you an example from my fitness blog and how it changes depending on who’s visiting:

What a new visitor sees:

Eyes of a new visitor on TweakFit

What a loyal reader sees:

Eyes of a loyal visitor on TweakFit

Notice the “TweakFit Gear” widget in the sidebar.

What a visitor sees if they’ve clicked through from Facebook:

Eyes of a facebook visitor on TweakFit

Notice the Facebook widget in the sidebar.

What a visitor sees if they’ve clicked through from Twitter:

Eyes of a Twitter visitor on TweakFit

Notice the Twitter widget in the sidebar.

What a visitor sees if they’ve visited a post that promotes a product from

Eyes of a visitor reading a Bodybuilding post on TweakFit

Notice the Bodybuilding advertisement in the sidebar.

What a visitor sees if they’ve visited a post that promotes P90X or Insanity:

Eyes of a visitor reading a Beachbody post on TweakFit

Notice the P90X/Insanity advertisements in the sidebar.

You should pretty much have an idea of what this plugin does now. Enabling behavioral targeting on your blog provides endless possibilities for increasing profit.


  • Works with any cache plugin
  • Super easy to setup (see widget control screenshot below)
    WP BTBuckets Widget Control

Currently, you can only hide/show widgets, but I plan to add more features in future versions. Other custom solutions can be done through the BTBuckets dashboard.


  • readme.txt



  • Create a free BTBuckets account.
  • Upload the plugin to your plugins folder: ‘wp-content/plugins/’
  • Activate the ‘WP BTBuckets’ plugin from the plugins admin panel.
  • Go to Settings -> WP BTBuckets and enter your BTBuckets API key.

26 Responses to “WP BTBuckets WordPress Plugin”

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  1. Richard Hearne

    Well done – I'm sure this will take a little time to take off, but I think you've really grabbed onto a technique that is soon to really take off. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

  2. Cormac

    Super plugin. I can't wait to get it up and running

  3. Michael Fields

    I'm going to try this out really soon. Looks wonderful!

  4. Ty Bone

    Great! I can't wait to get feedback on how to improve this plugin! I think this is the new frontier on the web!

  5. GeoffreyTransom

    Terrific idea – I had 'hand-crafted' differential page views based on subscriber/non-subscriber identifiers, which became redundant when I implemented a membership script… but your method is far more versatile and flexible.

    No doubt I will screw it up in the first implementation (that's sort of my 'thing'), but that won't be your fault.



  6. @robertvayner

    wow, if you ever decide to go to a fremium biz model on a project in the future i would love to help just for the fun of it.

    i will happily give you a tip on few yam-yam niche developments where someone like you could make a real nice home for yourself and your work current and further development ..

    i also have a project that should get forked by someone because i have an app based on its api ,lol. and want someone to take over the core .

    it already has a great community with all kinds of demand in it … the app is a topic streamer that may be skinned and is a wp plugin that i prototyped but dont have time to do anything further , this app and your sort of solutions like BTB have a place in a social multi user environment like buddypress , can you just imagine that for a sec…lol…

    im always avail. if you simply wanna exchange ideas sometimes @robertvayner ,
    i don't do this commercially but would love to help . its extremely rewarding but you know that already!

  7. jamesartre


    This will surely add more value to visitors, and to your site as well.

    Well done!

    James Artre

  8. Ty Bone

    Thanks for your kind words!

  9. Julian

    so you using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER'] do you?
    nice idea…

  10. Ty Bone

    Wow that looks like a promising project, but I'm so busy nowadays. I need to finish off my current projects first before I move onto new ones. Great prototype though!

  11. Cody

    This may sound dumb but after activating the plugin and setting up the correct api key, I don't see any of my widgets being changed by the BTBuckets addon (to give the btbuckets options). In other words, I can't get any of my widgets to look like the Links example you showed up above. I'm using 3.01 of WordPress. No idea what I'm doing wrong.

  12. Ty Bone

    Hi Cody, in the future, please post support requests in the support forum. I've tried it with 3.0.1 WordPress and it's working fine. Can you find any error messages and post it in the support forum? Thanks!

  13. Jauhari

    I will tried it on my blog

  14. psychic

    Thanks for explaining this plugin

  15. Jussi Ruokomäki

    That's sweet, Ty! Out of curiosity, how have you defined your "loyal visitor" bucket?

  16. Ty Bone

    I just use the default BTBuckets "Returning Visitors" bucket for that.

  17. Got it. Thanks!

  18. This plug-in broke my website because of some weird malicious code built into the plug in to try and sell ads.. I'm not exactly sure but this guy can not be trusted.. watch how fast he deletes this message

  19. Ty Bone

    I am 100% sure the ads code did not break your site since it's being ran though an iframe in WP Admin. Figure out your facts before you make wild claims. Yeah… watch how fast I don't delete this message.

  20. @TechGuyLikesZen

    Wow Ty, this is a great plugin concept. Can different widgets be shown based upon the visitor's location?

    In gratitude,

  21. Ty Bone

    Thanks! You should be able to configure your BTBuckets settings to bucket each visitor depending on where they're coming from and then use this plugin to display widgets based on that bucket.

  22. Shal

    hi there

    love the idea for the plugin – however I'd really like to see this combined with my banner advertising tool on the site, to offer users highly targeted promotions – is there a function I can call from within PHP to display the relevant banner? so we run a holiday deals website and would want to 'tag' users based on the types of pages they click, such that we serve relevant holiday ads….

  23. 9633a

    Thanks for explaining this plugin ,I will tried it on my blog .

  24. Robert T.

    I have tried this but then learned about an even more powerful segmentation and personalization tool called Personyze. Its the best one I've found! their website is
    I am with their free version as my site is small enough.


  25. Ty Bone

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for sharing! I will have to check out personyze soon! Looks pretty cool too!

  26. Alex

    Please let me know if my theme didn't support wigets – where is code for manual adding?

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