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Released Buy Sell Ads WP Plugin Version 0.2

Buy Sell Ads optionsBuy Sell Ads WordPress plugin version 0.2 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of Buy Sell Ads WordPress plugin has two minor enhancements.

  1. Previously the nonce key is automatically generated every time you visit the Buy Sell Ads plugin options page. Now the nonce key automatically regenerates every half hour by default and this interval is configurable. This enhancement helps combat people who visit your blog, comment “It took all of 2 seconds to block all ads from this site”, and run off. When they return more than half an hour later, they will see the advertisement again because the nonce key has changed.
  2. Previously advertisement URLs were redirected through the plugin’s proxy but most of the URL was still unshielded. Now the entire advertisement URL is encrypted into a random string. This enhancement combined with one above officially makes this plugin too smart for AdBlock Plus to figure out.

Other Notes (Ramblings) About This Release

Believe it or not, I really enjoy it when people visit my site, attempt to block all of my advertisements, and comment something like “It took all of 2 seconds to block all ads from this site” to try to slap me in the face. I love it because it presents a challenge to me. If someone has successfully blocked my ads then kudos! That lets me know that I should go back to the drawing board and improve my plugin. So thank you!

Where do I download, file bugs, make feature requests, comments, and suggestions?

Please visit the original plugin post.

7 Responses to “Released Buy Sell Ads WP Plugin Version 0.2”

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  1. redwall_hp

    I'm trying not to laugh. This post just seems funny to me, with “It took all of 2 seconds to block all ads from this site” and all… 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  2. phoenix.heart

    Cool :))

  3. archon810

    Ty, sorry to rain on your parade, but it's indeed time to go back to the drawing board. I want you to make this one impossible to block but right now it's quite easy:

    BSA ads rule: /$/
    Hostgator rule: |

    By the way, another thing I noticed you may want to fix. The Filterset.G [] subscription contains this filter which blocks intensedebate altogether. Thus, I see no comments at all with adblock on:



  4. Ty Bone

    @Artem Russakovskii
    Thank you for the help! I'm planning to release the next version with more URL encryption and some performance improvements over the weekend. Please stay tuned!

  5. Ty Bone

    Released 0.2.1
    – Improved performance with JS caching
    – Improved anti-adblock measures

  6. Rohin S.

    Hey man , I found ur plugin in the depository and I gotta say thank you so much for something actually interesting to even take the time to read up on. I did feel the temptation myself to come to yoursite to adblock ur images.

    But how does it work exactly. If I block ur ads , then 30 min later , the next time I come back here bam the images are back there even though I blocked them ?

    I'll be writing an article review on it over @

  7. Ty Bone

    @Rohin S.
    You're welcome! I'm glad that it is interesting enough to review on your blog!

    That is exactly how it work. This is because all URLs are encrypted plus there is an nonce key that changes every 30 minutes by default (you can also change this to whatever frequency you want).

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