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Released WP Greet Box Version 4.0

I think this version of WP Greet Box is ground breaking enough to bump the version up to 4.0. To be honest, the reason version 4.0 came out so early is because I just found out 3 days ago (via Google Alerts) that I have a new competitor, Referrer Detector, written by Phan Van An. He seems like a really nice guy (he mentions my name repeatedly in the post), but he could have at least contacted me about co-authoring before forking the code :). With that said, I checked out Referrer Detector and decided to implement some of its wonderful changes in WP Greet Box and expand WP Greet Box to be able to work with WPMU (Thank you Andy Beard for your suggestion).

What’s new in this release?

  1. Greeting message now fades out when the close button is clicked.
  2. Frontend greeting message display now uses AJAX to display the proper greeting message.
  3. There is no longer a need to pre-generate a static wp-greet-box.js file for these greeting
  4. messages. This also fixes the “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_greet_box()” error that many people are getting from incorrect permissions.

  5. Greeting message administration UI became a lot easier and quicker after AJAXification.

I encourage everybody to upgrade. Also don’t forget to write about the plugin if you like it!

Where do I download, file bugs, make feature requests, comments, and suggestions?

Please visit the original plugin post.

18 Responses to “Released WP Greet Box Version 4.0”

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  1. Study Babes

    Hey, the thing I didn’t like about Referrer Detector is you have to show the greeting in EVERY post, whereas I wanted it to only show one time, between the header and the actual content (so between my header banner and the title of the first post). Can WP Greet Box do that?

  2. Ty Bone

    @Study Babes,
    You can definitely do that with WP Greet Box. You just have to place the <php? wp_greet_box(); ?> where ever you want it to show up in your theme.

  3. Study Babes

    I uploaded the files and activated it, went to the settings but when I try to delete or deactivate certain greetings it says:

    Error:[object SMLHttpRequest]

    and it doesn’t do it.

  4. Ty Bone

    @Study Babes
    Can you please try version 4.1? This should fix your issue along with a security loop-hole in version 4.0.x.

  5. Study Babes

    Works now. But when I try to add new referrers it just bugs up and doesn’t do anything.

  6. Ty Bone

    @Study Babes
    I’ve released version 4.1.1 that should resolve the adding new custom messages issue. I’ve also written a test plan to run through for each release so I shouldn’t have these many bugs in the future. Thanks for trying it out!

  7. Study Babes

    Thanks, works perfectly now. Check it out 😀

    By the way, would having “too many” custom referrers slow it down at all?

  8. Ty Bone

    I’m glad to hear that! Please remember to write about it or spread the word if you can!

    Too many is a loosely used term :). I would say that if you have thousands of referrers then the greet box display will definitely show up slower. But 30, 40 or so shouldn’t give you any performance issues.

  9. James

    Ty – thanks for a great plug-in! Now, if I could just get it to work. I read and re-read your documentation. I inserted where I wanted my message to appear, then Google’d my website: nothing happened.

    Into which Theme file should this expression be inserted and where? I’ve tried Header and Page Template with no luck.

  10. Ty Bone

    It should work if you place <?php wp_greet_box(); ?> into any of your theme files (I like to place it in header.php). It’s quite odd. I visited your site, did “View Source” and did not find anything that says “wp-greet-box”. Did you remove it from your site?

  11. Andrew

    Hi Ty,

    I just downloaded your plugin in 2.7 to give it a test and I like it. I’m thinking now about how I can use it to do other things. 🙂

    I have a couple of points for you.

    Firstly, it would be a good idea to include transparent PNG versions of the icons. My site is white so no probs there but the green active list in admin shows the white border and the 2.7 style is so slick that it looks out of place.

    One thing I think it would be really interesting to do is to include a link to an automatically generated post, possibly the most commented on post of the day / month, the most visited, or perhaps just a chosen favourite. I think that might be a nice touch.

    I don’t think it needs any more default choices. You have the main ones, but perhaps some of the other google domains instead of just

    Finally, I think there is a lot of scope to do things with the search criteria if they came from a search engine. A link to the search page would be the most basic but perhaps an option to expand the box to view all the search results for that blog. There might also be some interesting possibilities if any of the search terms match tags or categories.

    You may also be able to think of other ways to link in with the APIs of various services, or any referrer information they send beyond the base URL. I also think it would be good, if you haven’t already done it (I didn’t look at the code) to include a filter for the message so that a plugin can filter what shows up in the box based on the referrer.

    Lots of ideas for you to consider, but I do like the plugin as is.

  12. Ty Bone

    That was an incredibly fast response. Thank you so much for your review, tips, and pointers! I haven’t checked out how my plugin fairs in WP 2.7 myself, but I will now. You just gave me a really nice/interesting feature list to help me polish the plugin. I will work hard to implement them.


    I also think it would be good to include a filter for the message so that a plugin can filter what shows up in the box based on the referrer.

    Are you talking about providing a filter for a 3rd party plugin? I’m not sure what you mean by filter here.

  13. Andrew


    I mean just wrapping a standard apply_filters call around it so that another plugin author (or even just a writer) could use it to make more dynamic messages. ie

    return apply_filters(‘wp-greet-box-message’ , $message , $referrer);

  14. Ty Bone

    Great idea. Thanks Andrew.

  15. Lee Robertson

    Nice updates! I like new admin interface. Makes it quick to see what is activated and what is not. Keep up the great work!

  16. MrsDealFinder

    Love your plugin, but when use WP upgrade automatically to upgrade to a new version it deletes my custom images. It’s not that big of a deal since I keep a copy of them but I thought it might be something to note. Not sure if it is easily fixed or not. Thanks!

  17. Ty Bone

    I think this is a feature/flaw in the WordPress plugins upgrade system (I can’t do much about that). You can try placing your images outside of the plugins/wp-greet-box directory and use the new images URLs when you specify your custom greeting messages.

  18. Jauhari

    Interesting idea 😉

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