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Released WP Greet Box Version 4.2

I received a lot of great feedback for versions 4.0-4.1.1, so I decided to incorporate some of those suggestions into version 4.2. I have also ran through my 25 test cases prior to releasing the code so hopefully, this release will go a lot smoother than version 4.0 release. *IMPORTANT* Upon upgrading, make sure you deactivate then reactivate the plugin. This will give you default settings for newly available options.

What’s new in this release?

  1. Auto-insert into the top of posts by default.
  2. Added ability to auto-insert into the top of pages.
  3. AJAXify adding new greeting message in administration.
  4. New settings to make messages closable or not.
  5. Easier exclusion rules (with regex toggle).
  6. Prevent self-referral to trigger greeting messages.
  7. Refferals are now per domain, instead of per URL.
  8. Fixed a bug that causes greeting messages to not work if one of the custom messages did not have a referrer URL specified.
  9. Fixed a bug that causes greeting messages to not work on non-default path WordPress installations.
  10. More generic/stable CSS defaults.

I encourage everybody to upgrade. I have put a lot of hard work into this release so don’t forget to buy me a cup of coffee or write about the plugin if you like it!

Where do I download, file bugs, make feature requests, comments, and suggestions?

Please visit the original plugin post.

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