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Released WP Greet Box Version 4.3

What’s new in this release?

On this release, I added the ability to detect the visitor’s search keywords and use those keywords to display related posts for the visitor. *IMPORTANT* Upon upgrading, make sure you deactivate then reactivate the plugin. This will give you default settings for newly available options.

Currently this works for the main search engines and other search engines that adhere to a few standard rules of query structuring.

This is what your visitors will see if search keywords were detected in the referrer:
Greet Google Closed

This is what your visitors will see once they click on the “See posts related to your search” link.
Greet Google Opened

Thank You

I would like to say thank you to Andrew Rickmann for suggesting this feature. Also another special thank you goes out to The underground & devil1591 for developing the Landing Sites plugin, whose algorithm I “borrowed” for extracting search keywords.

Where do I download, file bugs, make feature requests, comments, and suggestions?

Please visit the original plugin post.

2 Responses to “Released WP Greet Box Version 4.3”

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  1. Farrhad A

    Will upgrade soon 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Blogie Robillo

    I love this plugin of yours! Thanks very much for making it available. Two thumbs up!

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