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Released WP Minify 0.1

I have moved WP Minify out of beta stage.

What’s new this release?

This is the official release of WP Minify. This release fixes a bunch of bugs found and reported by the beta testers (THANK YOU!). Here are some updates on bugs and feature requests.

Known bug

  1. Full compatibility with WPMU (I haven’t had time to reproduce this bug).

Upcoming Features

  1. Placing minified scripts in the footer.
  2. Automatic <link> and <script> detection for minifying.
  3. Option for setting far future expiration.
  4. Option for setting the location of local cache files.
  5. Option to not gzip.
  6. Ability to offload files to an external CDN.

Where do I download, file bugs, make feature requests, comments, and suggestions?

Please visit the original plugin post.

6 Responses to “Released WP Minify 0.1”

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  1. lionel

    I did the migration today. Everything seems to be ok. Great job! Thanks

  2. Ty Bone

    Great! Let me know if you have any issues!

  3. lionel

    Duh, I'm going to do the migration right now. Thanks for warning us 😉

  4. Ty Bone

    You're welcome. Those two fixes were actually for corner cases that only a few people had problems with.

  5. Ty Bone

    Released 0.1.1
    – Fixed array_slice() warning in the admin dashboard.
    – Fixed version check to not break page when $wp_version is empty.

  6. sajkas boris

    Thanks for warning me! 🙁

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