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Released WP Minify 1.0.0

WP Minify version 1.0.0 is here!

What’s new this release?

This version of WP Minify has the following enhancements.

  1. Added option to minify HTML.
  2. Added ability to NOT minify when “wp-minify-off=1” is in URL.
  3. Added option to report errors through FirePHP.
  4. Added “wp_minify_js_url” filter
  5. Added “wp_minify_css_url” filter
  6. Added “wp_minify_content” filter
  7. Enhanced “JavaScript files to include” feature.
  8. Enhanced “CSS files to include” feature.
  9. Fixed persistent SSL issue (Thanks belg4mit!)
  10. Fixed bbpress issue (Thanks foobar!)

Where do I download and read documentation?

Please visit the original plugin post.

Where do I file bugs, make feature requests, and get support?

Please visit the support forum.