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Test WP Greet Box with refspoof Firefox Add-on

As a quick tip, one of my readers, Luciano Passuello, suggested a great Firefox Add-on called refspoof for testing WP Greet Box WordPress plugin.

Upon installation, you get another address-bar-like toolbar that you can use to type the referrer URL to spoof.

refspoof referrer bar

If I enter something like “” into the bar and press enter, I get the the same page with the added referrer info. Because of that, my wonderful WP Greet Box plugin properly displays the Weblog Tools Collection banner:

WP Greet Box Weblog Tools Collection banner

I think the WP Greet Box administration interface already does a great job at displaying what your greeting message will look like, but it is always good to be able to see it along with the rest of your theme.