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Tutorial: WP Greet Box Options

This post will explain the various options in WP Greet Box WordPress plugin. I just thought it would be nice to pull the documentation outside of the plugin itself, so that it can be updated more frequently.

Greeting Messages

Custom WPGB Message
This is where you manage all of your custom greeting messages that show up depending on your visitor’s referrer information.

Change look and feel of the greeting message

You can change the look and feel of greeting messages by modifying the wp-content/plugins/wp-greet-box/css/wp-greet-box.css file.

Active/Inactive Greeting Messages

You can make greeting messages active or inactive. Only active message will display to visitor depending on their referrer information.

“DEFAULT” Message

This greeting message displays to visitors who are new to your site and their referrer information does not trigger any other custom greeting messages.

“NOSCRIPT” Message

This greeting message displays to visitors who do not have JavaScript enabled.

Referrer URL

Each custom greeting message displays according to what you specify as the referrer URL. The “Referrer URL” field accepts a comma-delimited list of possible patterns. Multiple referrer URLs can be defined for each greeting message using the following simple syntax.

  • Asterisk (*) can serve as a wild card for URLs. For example, the referrer URL “google.*” will match any variations of google (,, etc.).
  • Comma (,) can serve as a list operator. For example, the referrer URL “delicious,” will match either or

Continue to display greeting message until user first closes it

When checked, the appropriate greeting message will continue to display to the same visitor until they click “close” for the first time. After that, the greeting message will not show up for that user anymore. When this is checked, the “Visitor Timeout” setting below will be overridden.

Visitor Timeout

This field specifies the number of minutes since the visitor’s last visit until the plugin forgets the visitor. Let’s say you set this to 60 minutes. A new visitor will see the greeting message the first time they visit your site. If they return within the next 60 minutes, they will not see the greeting message and the 60 minutes timer restarts. If they visit after 60 minutes has passed, they will see the greeting message again.

For sites like you would want to set this setting to something small like “0”, because you would want the visitor to always see the request to be dugg on every visit. For sites like you might want to set it to something higher like “1440” (1 day) because you probably do not want to nag the google visitor that much. Play around with the values to see what suits you best.

Greeting Icon

The URL to the image that shows up next to your greeting message.

Greeting Icon URL

The URL that the image will redirect to when it has been clicked.

Greeting Message

Specifies the greeting message that shows up for your visitors.

Smart Tags

The following special tags are available for use in greeting messages and icon link fields.

  • [[rss-link]] – The url of your rss feed. You can set this in the “General Advanced Options” section.
  • [[email-link]] – The url for subscribing via email. You can set this in the “General Advanced Options” section.
  • [[permalink]] – The current page’s url.
  • [[escaped-permalink]] – The escaped version of the current page’s url.
  • [[title]] – The current page’s title.
  • [[escaped-title]] – The escaped version of the current page’s title.

Exclusion Rules

WPGB Exclusion Rules
WP Greet Box will not display for any referrers that match any rules you specify in this option.

  • Rules are line delimited. To not show greeting messages to visitors from friendfeed or google reader, use the following rule:
  • When regular expressions is enabled, each line will be used as a regular expression. The same rules above in regular expressions will look like:

  • For regular expression usage, refer to user guide and reference.

General Configuration

WPGB General Configuration

Automatically show greeting messages on posts/pages/home

When checked, WP Greet Box will automatically display greeting messages within your posts/pages/home (no theme modification necessary). Uncheck this option if you use manual insertion (see below).

Manual Insertion Mode

To manually position your greeting message, you will have to:

  1. Disable automatic insertion on posts and pages.
  2. Copy the following code to your desired location in any of the theme files.
    <?php if(function_exists('wp_greet_box')){wp_greet_box();} ?>

Allow users to close greeting message

When checked, greeting messages can be closed.

Have icon link open a new browser window

Adds a target=”_blank” to icon links.

Position greeting message before/after post/page

You can automatically insert greeting messages before or after posts/pages. This option only works with automatic greet box insertion.

Related Posts Options

WPGB Related Posts Options

Detect keywords from search engines referrers and display related posts

Enables related posts functionality within greeting messages if search keywords are passed along the referrer from most search engines.

Position related posts before/after the greeting message

Choose between displaying related posts before or after the greeting message.

Show post excerpt in related posts

Shows excerpts from each post in the related posts list.

Expand related posts by default

Make related post listing visible instead of hidden upon greeting message displaying.

Limit related posts

Choose how many related posts to display.

Limit related post excerpts

Choose how long the related posts excerpts should be.

Advanced Options

WPGB Advanced Options

Enable compatibility with cache plugins

When checked, WP Greet Box will use JavaScript instead of PHP to load the greeting message. When checked, WP Greet Box will work with WP Super Cache or any other caching plugins, but there will be a delay before the greeting message shows up after the page loads (there’s a slight *bump down* of the content when the greeting message shows up). If you are not using any cache plugins, I recommend unchecking this option so that WP Greet Box can operate in PHP mode.

Enable css/wp-greet-box.css

Automatically reference css/wp-greet-box.css. Uncheck this if you have your own CSS file and want to not use wp-greet-box.css.

Enable js/functions.js and js/onload.js

Automatically reference js/functions.js and js/onload.js. Uncheck this if you want to include these files in the theme yourself.

Your RSS feed URL

This is the text that replaces all instances of [[rss-link]] in your custom greeting messages.

Your “Subscribe via Email” URL

This is the text that replaces all instances of [[email-link]] in your custom greeting messages.

Various HTML code placements

Used for customizing HTML code that wraps around each greeting message.


WPGB Import Export
You can export your entire WP Greet Box options into a flat text file which you can use to modify and re-import into your current WP Greet Box installation or any other WP Greet Box installations.