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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 was officially released yesterday so I upgraded this blog immediately. Here are some things you need to know about WordPress 2.6:

  1. New features in WordPress 2.6
  2. Plugin authors should read over PlanetOzh’s quick tutorial on how to make your WordPress plugins WordPress 2.6 compliant and upgrade their plugins. This shouldn’t take too long at all. I have already updated and released NowThen Photo Display and AJAX Force Comment Preview. As always, please notify me of any bugs that you run into via the comment form on these plugin pages.
  3. Everything went smoothly for me so I highly recommend immediately upgrading to this version. Here is a list of plugins I use and I have mostly confirmed that they are working properly:
    • ¬©Feed
    • AdSense Manager
    • AJAX Force Comment Preview
    • Akismet
    • aLinks
    • All in One SEO Pack
    • Articles
    • AskApache Google 404
    • Auto Social
    • Broken Link Checker
    • Clean Notifications
    • Contact Form 7
    • FeedBurner FeedSmith
    • Fun with Sidebar Tabs
    • Google Analyticator
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • IFrameWidgets
    • Increase Sociability
    • Lighter Menus
    • Maintenance Mode
    • NoFollow Free
    • NowThen Photo Display
    • Permalinks Moved Permanently
    • Popularity Contest
    • Popularity Lists Widget
    • Post Updated
    • Project Honey Pot Http:BL
    • Recently Updated Posts
    • Robots Meta
    • Search Everything
    • SezWho
    • Subscribe To Comments
    • Wordbook
    • WordPress Thread Comment
    • WordPress Tweaks
    • WP-PageNavi
    • WP-Syntax
    • WP Comment Remix
    • WP Security Scan
    • WP SEO Master
    • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Note: I am running a hacked version of Alex King’s Popularity Contest plugin. The original plugin was never 2.5 compatible so I assume that it would not be working for 2.6. Please see this post to download my working Popularity Contest plugin.

I would like to say congratulations and thank you to all WordPress developers that had a hand in this. You guys did a great job in releasing quality code 1 month ahead of schedule. Many bug fixes and awesome features that are just to die for.

2 Responses to “Upgraded to WordPress 2.6”

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  1. Alex Sysoef

    Nice summary Ty,

    Quick question on your Ajax Preview plugin – does it work nicely with the WP-Super-Cache? Been testing multiple Spam Protection plugins with WP-Super_cache lately and so far only WP Hashhash seem to work nicely with it.


  2. Ty Bone

    @Alex Sysoef
    When I first developed AJAX Force Comment Preview, I had WP-Super-Cache enabled and this plugin was working fine. This is mainly because a lot of comments code are built to be dynamic (AJAX talking to PHP script in the backend). They code hasn’t changed much since I’ve disabled WP-Super-Cache so I’m 99% sure that they will work together. If you do check it out, I would really appreciate any feedback you may have on the plugin.
    I haven’t checked out WP-Hashbash, since I’m already getting no spams to moderate with my current setup (AJAX Force Comment Preview, Project Honey Pot Http:BL, and Akismet). I will definitely check it out if I start getting spam again. Thank you!

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