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WLTC: Top 10 Characteristics of a Great WordPress Plugin

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I posted an article on Weblog Tools Collection about the top 10 characteristics of a great WordPress plugin.

10. Easy Installation
9. Seamless Upgrade
8. Uninstallation Option
7. Meaningful Error Messages
6. Localization Support
5. Intuitive Admin User Interface
4. Reset/Import/Export Options
3. Optimized
2. Secured
1. Good Support and Thorough Documentation

Read the full article here.

12 Responses to “WLTC: Top 10 Characteristics of a Great WordPress Plugin”

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  1. Thomas Clausen

    I'm so glad that you've included localization. Too often this is forgotten by developers 🙁

  2. Ty Bone

    Yeah… I made the mistake of forgetting it in the beginning and it's so much harder to work it in after the plugin matures.

  3. redwall_hp

    That was you? I didn't even notice…

  4. Ty Bone

    Yup :). I do some of my writing there now.

  5. redwall_hp

    Cool. I've sent a total of two posts to, and both were technically accepted, but they only ever got around to publishing one. (No idea why…) I've been trying to do something for them every once in awhile.

    Other than that I don't do a whole lot of guest writing anymore. I'd had posts published on Blogsolid and ProBlogger, and I've intended to to do more, but never really got around to it. I have enough trouble keeping up with my own blogs. (The $150/post that the TUTS+ sites pay is incentive enough though… 🙂 )

  6. redwall_hp

    Oh yeah… It was a real pain to implement that in WP125 after the fact.

  7. Ty Bone

    Yeah, I only do 1 post per week for WLTC right now since my schedule is quite hectic. I don't think I have enough material for TUTS+ sites though.

  8. redwall_hp

    Yeah, material is one of my big reasons for not guest-writing as much as I would like. TUTS+ pays well though, so it's worth socking away some good ideas once in awhile for them. 🙂

  9. Ty Bone

    Maybe I should think about writing for TUTS+ too :). Probably won't be writing about WordPress there though if I do.

  10. redwall_hp

    I'm best at coming up with ideas for PHP/WordPress things, so I'll probably continue doing those for them once in awhile. I'd like to write something design-related for NETTUTS, but I just haven't had any ideas. Their editor posted a tweet saying they were kind of desperate for some design-related tutorials…

  11. Ty Bone

    Now… if only I had design-related skills. 😉

  12. redwall_hp

    Hehe. I have some, but PHP and WordPress are more my area. 🙂

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